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Lately I’ve been having problems in managing projects and stuff so I told myself that I need some sort of a project-management tool that would tell me what projects I’m working on and what tasks need to be done. A superior of mine taught me about Redmine. Redmine is a project management web application that solves my problem.

For more information about redmine: click here.

For those who interested in installing redmine and are using windows here are some useful pointers:

First of all you have to have ruby installed on your machine. Here’s how to install ruby: click here.

Secondly, Redmine requires a mysql database installed on your machine. If you have mysql installed then you may skip this step otherwise: click here.

Then finally; install redmine by following the steps found at click here.

I installed redmine on my machine for about an hour since I had to download all dependencies. I included all the links I used for your convenience. Before I started installing ruby on my machine, I already had XAMPP installed – which means I didn’t have to install the mysql service.

If you found an easier way to install Redmine, please don’t hesitate to leave a message.

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