Backend Fixture

I finally found the time, strength, and courage to fix the back-end of my site. Although at first it took me like 3 days to complete a full blown blog such as this one with no architecture or somesort. Now it runs on a framework and is following a design pattern – MVC which stands for model-view-controller.

I’ve always been thinking about how I could start fixing my site and I often thought of making my own framework but what difference does it make? Creating your own framework will just like be re-inventing the wheel which was not a good idea and the fact that I had less time on my end. After days of thinking and imagining, I finally came to the thought of using one of the frameworks available and I was shocked – like “that’s it?!”. Thinking of fixing then re-coding my site would take me a week or so but this time it only took me 2 days!

So far the results were good but I’m not sure if you would notice the changes done, I’m sure it runs smoother now and provides better user-feedback.

I want to hear comments about your viewpoint towards frameworks and why or why not use it?

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About Christian Noel

Hi, I'm Cris! I'm interested in anime, programming and photography. My profession is programming and am mostly focused in web development. I've been programming since College. What inspired me to go to programming was because I was so into the gaming industry and I wanted to create my own game.
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