Backend Fixture

I finally found the time, strength, and courage to fix the back-end of my site. Although at first it took me like 3 days to complete a full blown blog such as this one with no architecture or somesort. Now it runs on a framework and is following a design pattern – MVC which stands for model-view-controller.

I’ve always been thinking about how I could start fixing my site and I often thought of making my own framework but what difference does it make? Creating your own framework will just like be re-inventing the wheel which was not a good idea and the fact that I had less time on my end. After days of thinking and imagining, I finally came to the thought of using one of the frameworks available and I was shocked – like “that’s it?!”. Thinking of fixing then re-coding my site would take me a week or so but this time it only took me 2 days!

So far the results were good but I’m not sure if you would notice the changes done, I’m sure it runs smoother now and provides better user-feedback.

I want to hear comments about your viewpoint towards frameworks and why or why not use it?


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