• Recommended Anime: Overlord

    Overlord Poster (from myanimelist.net)

    Nobody is ever too old to like anime. In my case, I must admit, it’s been quite some time before I reviewed a title. Overlord is similar to what you may call game-gone-real-life, No Game No Life, Log Horizon and Sword Art Online to name a few.

    But what makes Overlord stand out? Well, apart for the fan-service and comedy, it still depicts the difference between reality and gaming fantasy. It certainly almost makes me want to dive in the world of Overlord as Momonga due to his being overpowered and having an almost completely established home, Great Tomb of Nazarick. It was created by the 41 supreme beings or as they call the original members of Ainz Ooal Gown guild. The possibilities are endless as the non-playable characters or NPCs come to life and are transferred to an entirely new dimension. The rest is up to you to find out!

    I find the story-line and plot comical as Momonga intends to conquer the current world. I have re-watched this series just recently also and I am hoping for the 2nd season to come out fast!

  • Dropbox and the Public Folder

    Dropbox used to be my go-to when it comes to public content hosting especially images. Just recently, as of March 15, 2017, Dropbox decided to disable the most awesome feature they have, the Public folder! Most of the images in my blog are hosted there as well so please do cut me some slack if you see some dead-links here in the site as most of them are located in the Dropbox public folder which is now inaccessible.

    now for every link you visit from the public folder, all you see is a 404 page

    In the meantime I’ll use imgur.com for my image hosting needs. Will post an update once I find something simpler to work with.

  • Sparkpost

    Being a developer is nice, there are perks from time to time but today is different! I just received a mail from Sparkpost containing a sticker!

    This is not the first time Sparkpost sent me a package, a month ago they sent me a shirt!

    It’s a rare opportunity to be able to receive mail from oversees considering that I live in the Philippines.

    Thanks for the love, Sparkpost!