Baguio Cosplay 2009

Cosplay is a very natural thing in the main cities like say Manila which is the capital of our country. At first I was thinking if anyone will join the cosplay that will be held here in Baguio as this is the very first time we experience this event. Anyways the event was a success and there were 14 participants and that surprised me as it was unexpected. For those who don’t know what cosplay is here’s some info for you: Cosplay is an event where people dress up as anime or game characters and try to imitate their personalities. Detailed info: Wikipedia – Cosplay

I took some pictures from the event to show you how successful it was.

Gerald of Greepo Comic Group – Host of B’cos 09

… and that’s pretty much it! whew. I really enjoyed this event and was very excited. I hope there will be another cosplay in Baguio and more participants in the future.


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