2 Weeks of Oblivion

As a programmer, I cannot avoid occurrences such as being involved in a tight project that need completed in a short span of time. We all know that this is complex activity under pressure. Anyway, I have gone through a few projects that had to be completed immediately. Some people don’t really understand a software development process and think of it similar to any other production process say like the production of mechanical devices or clothing and stuff. But programming isn’t as simple.

The next project we’re gonna work in should be completed in 2 months. The time line was based on the completion of the requirements of the project and the number of resources involved. We had a debate on the project and that we stated why it would really take 2 months to complete it but then again the product owner insisted that we need to finish it in 2 weeks. Since its the words of the product owner, we cannot do anything, we can only assure them that the project will have to sacrifice some requirements for it to be completed.

For now, we have to do what we can to accomplish this 2-week project deliverable. You said it, we’re in for a tough ride in this 2 weeks of oblivion.


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