Ahh finally I get to blog yet again. My download computer went down and it took some time before it came to once again. Now my computer is back to normal and finally I can talk about Soul Eater.

And so another anime popped out from my anime to-watch queue. This anime somewhat reminded me of the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which was in a word ‘epic’. Soul eater is one of those series that would keep you entertained as the action continues. The animation was excellent and I couldn’t ask more for the sound effects as well as the sound track. In other words it was GOOD. Soul eater starts with a meister named Maka and a weapon named Soul who in turn starts to purge the world of evil souls and a witch. Meisters are people who can control their weapons and ‘resonate’ with a weapon’s soul. I was really intrigued as they mentioned in the first episode that they need 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul to get to make a Death Scythe. As the story progresses, I witness a lot of adventures of a group of meisters. There are a lot of awesome fight scenes and very humorous scenarios that would definitely entertain you. While I was still watching soul eater I overheard some of my colleagues mentioning about the ending of the anime and I somewhat heard something about it being sucky. Well the manga hasn’t ended yet and the anime producers did a good job for ending the series. It seems that I need to keep up with the manga too in the future but for now I’m satisfied.

Soul eater is not like the really mainstream ones such as Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. It has its own amazing dose that would definitely spark an interest in you. Soul eater is an action, comedy, super-power type of anime for those who are curious on the genre. I really enjoyed soul eater and am looking forward in the future to watch an anime similar to this one.


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