Misty Version 3 Design Fixture

misty v1 to v2 banner

Before anything else, I would like thank you once again for visiting my humble website. Ok now as you can see, misty has a whole new look. Apparently it took me quite a while to finish this layout as I’m not much of a designer although sometimes i get the hang of it by staring at other ‘godly’ sites with awesome designs! I would wish to thank the guys at twitter for sharing inspiration that has given me a drive to do this fixture.

You might be wondering, yes this is version 3, where the hell is version 2? I’d say that version 2 was a failure, if you want to check it out then click: misty version 2. I wasn’t so impressed with the way I did things so I had to scrap it. Good thing version 3 is finished and here you see it although I believe there could be more improvements to it. For those who haven’t seen the previous version then click: misty version 1.

I would like to ask your opinion about the new design and if there are problems or layout issues please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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