I was searching for some good anime thru comments and suggestions then I came across this one. My genre preference as of the moment is Mecha since I still haven’t got enough out of Code Geass. I was interested and anxious in this one since I saw that the creators of Zegapain were TV Tokyo(Naruto, D.Gray Man, Bleach) and Sunrise (Gundam, Mai-Hime, Code Geass). I then said to myself “This I must see!”.

“You’re nothing but DATA!” – was one of my favorite quotes after playing the a popular Role-Playing-Game in the Play Station 2 platform until I came to watch this piece. This anime contains a very deep story and a sci-fi / action genre combination. It’s a story of a high school student named Kyo living his daily life normally like any person would until suddenly things changed.

At some point It’ll become hectic and full of action while battles take over. A group of giant mechs against a horde of hornets and whatever you may call them. And eventually you’ll come up with a lot of questions as you continue with this anime. I admit – I was engulfed in curiosity. The main dilemma in this anime is: Is it real? Are you REAL? or rather… AM I REAL?!. These questions will be clarified as the story advances. Don’t worry you’ll not be left hanging with a lot of unanswered questions.

Suffice to say that this anime was not like any other except for the fact that its of a sci-fi mecha genre. The animation and story was awesome and so was the cast. If you want a change of mind; give Zegapain a try!

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Hi, I'm Cris! I'm interested in anime, programming and photography. My profession is programming and am mostly focused in web development. I've been programming since College. What inspired me to go to programming was because I was so into the gaming industry and I wanted to create my own game.
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