And I finally got myself a new phone. I admit that its been ages since I last bought a NEW one. Suffice to say, I’ve been only claiming the used ones by my parents and siblings but this time its different. I claim a brand new cellphone for myself which is quite satisfying in my part. Oh well I just hope that this gadget would last long and serve its purpose.

By the way, my previous phone was a 5300 now upgraded to 5800. As you can see how addicted I am to music, the 5300 and 5800 are music phone editions. The very first thing that claimed my attention was the ‘find’ option in which you can instantly play the music you want in your music list, ahhh winamp!. Now I’m full of content with my current device thanks to this feature very neat!

You could say that I’m fan of nokia because of the user friendly ui features and I’m not sure what difference does it make compared to other music phones namely samsung or sony but as long as I can listen to my favorite tracks while on the go I’m satisfied with it.


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