The First Medal

I’ve heard a lot of things like ‘prevention is better than cure’ or ‘live long, start walking’. Until then I just kept ignoring statements and advises from people that urge me to get out of my seat and start doing some activities that will help provide a better lifestyle.

While it is true that I don’t drink nor do I smoke, but the point is, like other people who enjoy being solitary and keep still most of the time I gain weight and eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Lately, I’ve been thinking – The outdoors is quite fun! So I decided to take a walk, and before I knew it I started jogging. Quite the initiative you might say, but it is the environment that took me away from my seat.

I decided to join a race recommended by a friend. He told me that, unlike a mountainous region where we live – the road is flat and easier to route. I joined the 21k or 21-kilometer category, a half-marathon run. Look what I got!

I’ve never been into any sport in my life so I’m pretty useless when it comes to physical activities. I only slack around and keep still until I find something to do worthwhile, that is, if I’m not in front of the computer working or playing.

I managed to get out of my seat and start running. Its fun! It perhaps gives me a reason to find more meaning in life – not so sure about this but I’m willing to find out!


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