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  • Team Patchworxs

    Photoshoot opportunity from a car enthusiast group in Baguio, “Team Patchworxs”. I myself am a proud member of this group. Yellow Honda Hatchback – Yabs Red Nissan – CrisT White Honda – Donniecar Silver Honda Hatchback – Christian Noel Blue Mirage – Bryan Blue Lancer – Rudy [AFG_gallery id=’10’]

  • Hatchy

    See that silver honda hatchback at the far right? Yep, that’s my Hatchy. Just lately I have come to realize how important a car is to me and how it impacts my life. Just so you all know, I have been a car owner for quite a few years now and I’ve come to understand…

  • The Meaning of a Song

    We’re all into music and there’s no denying it. Most of the time we get bored and look for ways to be entertained and eject ourselves from boredom. The closest one we could think about is Music. Music has been there even before we were born and it still is trending up til now. Anyways,…