The Meaning of a Song

We’re all into music and there’s no denying it. Most of the time we get bored and look for ways to be entertained and eject ourselves from boredom. The closest one we could think about is Music. Music has been there even before we were born and it still is trending up til now.

Anyways, what I want to talk about right now is the meaning of music. As far as I remember, I really enjoy music. But for the sake of recall, I could re-visit myself sitting down on a couch or the sofa listening to good music. That was way back a decade ago. I’ve been fond of music since as there have been some bands and some artists that titillate the follicles in my ear. However, the only thing I’ve been attracted to was the sound and the melody. It didn’t matter what lyrics it contained as long as it could give me a good reason to sit back and relax, feeling serene.

A few months ago, close to a year, somehow, things changed. I kinda spent more time analyzing lyrics instead of the notes used to produce the vibrant sound. Come to think of it, touche. That was the same time I began feeling melancholic. I never appreciated rap music, if it wasn’t Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park until now. I could say to myself, some rap music have really deep meaning. Take Eminem’s pieces for example, they all make sense and they all talk about life.

I could now classify myself more than an audiophile now. Its no longer the sound that counts, it needs meaning for it to reach your soul. Or, maybe perhaps, I’m just getting old. /sigh


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