Rollback #1: Facebook Chat

Here’s the thing, lately I’ve been ranting over a few features in some systems I stumble across. For one, it is true that a hindrance to innovation and advancement is due to a group of individuals or a single person that is adamant to change. Well, there are also times when they are adamant for a reason; for instance, the previous one or the previous implementation or setup of something was way easier and user-friendly.

To cite a scenario, there’s a feature that most of us are comfortable with and we can live with it and we are always open to improvements to that implementation. Sure, the devs / development team have the utmost freedom to improve that technology; that is, under their definition of ‘improvement’. What if, that so-called ‘innovation’ they present doesn’t work with everyone, or worse; it doesn’t work for anyone at all.

This is just me, but I’d like to start pointing out features and ‘improvements’ that need to be rolled-back for the following reasons: usability and ease of use. Not all features work for everyone but at least the idea of ‘roll-back’ is always something to look forward to just at times we come across woes and disappointments with a feature update.

For now, I’ll point out rollback #1. There are also some rollbacks in other different systems that I would like to point out but I will post them here as soon as I stumble upon them.

Facebook Chat

Before: Facebook is one of the biggest social-networks right now, and their chat was one of the most innovative and most useful features as of late. Being able to talk with everyone, individual or group, it could never be more convenient than this.

After: The moment they updated tho, it became more tedious to search for the people you want to talk to and, most of us miss the old ‘scroll’ as to find someone or just to waste some time.

If possible, roll it back please?


4 responses to “Rollback #1: Facebook Chat”

  1. Oliver Avatar

    The new Facebook chat is [a] virtually user unfriendly, and [b] annoyingly placed always shown near my taskbar. I very much agree with your sentiments. On the good side, all the more reason to switch to Google+!

    1. well, systems are supposed to get better and better… if its the opposite then the competition will be decided not so long from now – evolution and change are inevitable after all.

      1. Oliver Vence Gonzales Avatar
        Oliver Vence Gonzales

        As Facebook trumped MySpace, do Google trumps Facebook. It’s the circle of (social network) life.

  2. lol, pwn’d. facebook just returned to their own implementation. i have been heard!

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