The Legacy Link

Does this mean, I’m already too old? If you get this tho, you win Internets!


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  1. Oliver Vence Gonzales Avatar
    Oliver Vence Gonzales

    Kids nowadays won’t even KNOW what the first object is!

    1. it proved useful before …and costly at that. now you can just buy something with exponential capacity and is built for portability, convenience and durability (?).

      1. Oliver Vence Gonzales Avatar
        Oliver Vence Gonzales

        But cassette tapes have some nice perks, too.
        – Can easily play them backwards
        – Can easily restart where you last left off

        …or I am just too ancient to appreciate CD’s.

        1. you’re never too ancient to appreciate new technology, it boils down to preferences. then again; simplicity is what most people look for. before, there are too few buttons to press to activate something. right now, you don’t even know if that thing is an input device (via touch). there’s just too much complicated new things lying around.

  2. Jiego Cordoviz Avatar
    Jiego Cordoviz

    just some of my guesses.
    1. You use the pencil to destroy the two latches found at the top of the cassette so that if you accidentally press teh effin record switch which is found beside the play switch it won’t erase what’s inside your tape.

    2. I can’t remember the whole thing but i think the graphite on the pencil which has conductive properties and the film on the tape that reacts to magnetic forces has something linking them.

    3. Both products came with the boom of the industrial revolution.

    4. They’re both black. :))

    well.. they ARE guesses…

    1. yes, your speculations are acceptable however you forgot to mention; both of them are used to record facts… lol’d at #4 tho xD

  3. Veggies Avatar

    Sheesh. I’m 22 and I understand what the image is referring to. How old are you people?

    1. We’re too old…as in ancient… xD

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