One Cozy yet Chilly Afternoon

On a chilling Tuesday afternoon in the office, I can feel the cold inching its way in. I feel a bit sleepy so I decide to make some hot coffee, black with a balanced dose of sweetness. I forgot to bring my warmers so I can only do with a cup of hot coffee. The sun was out up high but the heat never seems to reach. The gentle cold breeze coming from the north as it passes through the windows maintains the chilling atmosphere in the room. The music was jazz, we could warm ourselves up with the coffee in hand as we do work and feel the coziness and the feeling makes me feel so light-headed. It’s still a ways till the end of the shift so we have to keep ourselves in good condition to continue working our way through the day.

We could think of nothing but the absence of work in the succeeding days. It’s that season after all where we celebrate Christmas. We are patiently anticipating that event, we are overcome by laze but we still keep our bodily motors running despite the temptation. Come to think of it, music, ah yes that tune – it feels so cozy… its jazz. Once more I sip from my cup of coffee, the scent matches with the sound. That feeling of peace, I’m beginning to have mixed emotions to not or to let it slip past by me.

I decide to just go with the flow and listen to the good music.