Its been ages since I’ve been hoping for a trip to Palawan. During that trip from Bohol and Cebu, times have been very restrictive and because work is also taking up most of my time and most of all, its summer! so, I sighed at myself and decided that I needed a vacation. Voila! I was blessed with one! This trip was suggested to me by my mom, so thanks mom! It was a February when the trip was suggested to me and I’ve been thinking if I’d do some invites to my friends and workmates but in the end, the only person I invited was my girlfriend, Mint. We had quite a hard time preparing and availing for another ticket since we were unsure if Mint would make it. But in the end, I’m delighted and thankful that Mint was able to take this trip with me.

Early March, Mint and I decided to buy the plane tickets and we’re already prepared for the trip as early as a month before prior to the trip. Though the vacation was only 3-days, it was quite insufficient because Palawan is no small place and its going to take more than 3-days to visit and enjoy everything in the area. The trip was scheduled on April 1-3

Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Its approximately a 105-minute flight from NAIA airport to Puerto Princesa.

Touchdown Puerto Princesa

As soon as we reached Puerto Princesa we dropped off our things at a nearby apartelle and bought some take out food then we started our itinerary with the island hopping.

There are many islands in Palawan and it would take a long time to go through all of them so we decided to visit the attractions. One island we visited was the Snake Island.

On the way to the underground river, we walked through a forest of monkeys. Upon arrival at the Subterranean River Park the tour guides were nice, the interior of the tunnel was spectacular, there were a lot of bats as well. We only explored a small portion of the underground river because it was 4kms long and it would take the entire day to cross it.

We went to the outskirts of Palawan and visited different places like the Ugong Rock and Puerto Princesa City, we also visited the Hot Springs and there we stretched our legs and called it a day.

We also found a nearby coffee shop “Crossing Bridges”, it was not so far from the airport. There are a few things I can say about this shop; it has a good ambiance but it could’ve been better if there was sweets! Me and my honey spent an awesome night in the shop.

Crossing Bridges Coffee Shop

On the last day, we tried out the Zipline. It was my first time trying it out and I was scared at first but in the end I was able to experience it and enjoy it!

Overall, Puerto Princesa did not disappoint me though I really wanted it to be more than just 3-days. I enjoyed this trip not only because the place was great, spectacular and stunning but because I was able to spend it with my family and my beloved Mint! If you’re looking for new places to travel and landscapes, Puerto Princesa is sure to accommodate you!


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