Gundam Assembly: Nix Providence Gundam

I just bought this set at a local mall. I was curious on how people build Mobile Suit figures and I am a fan of the Gundam Series so I decided to get one.

My favorite Mobile Suit in the entire Gundam Series was the Providence Gundam which first appeared in the anime series Gundam Seed. Its mobility, power and weaponry (ultimately the: D.R.A.G.O.O.N System) was the primary aspects that made it stand out. I also found out that it had a modified-enhanced version which was the Nix Providence Gundam which never came out in the anime series. It first appeared in a manga release: Gundam Seed VS Astray.

Gundam Unit: Nix Providence Gundam
Code Name: LN-2GMF-X13A

I had fun assembling this model where in fact it was my first time. I’ll be looking forward to building more models in the future.

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  1. rgail says:

    .lol.. nice.. ne senpai.. ish that you workroom?.. x’3

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