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  • Anicraze, Baguio

    Its been a while since another Cosplay event has been in our city. I’m quite thankful that the culture is still fresh and alive though the community is still young. I hope that more events like this still pursue in the future. Cosplay is still the best subject of photography for me. [AFG_gallery id=’14’]

  • Dream Come True: Nikon D90

    Doesn’t it feel so good when you finally get what you’ve been waiting for years!? The Nikon D90, a dream camera of mine is finally within the reaches of my hands! Just a revisit from last year’s post: Target Camera: Nikon D90 | Misty-Stix The last camera I had was a Fujifulm S200EXR. It did a…

  • Gundam Assembly: Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise

    This mobile kit has been with me for more than a year already and just recently I found the time to construct it. Deviating from the usual HG (High Grade) models I have been creating, I decided to increase the difficulty by creating an MG (Master Grade). MG models take longer to build and feature…