Dream Come True: Nikon D90

Doesn’t it feel so good when you finally get what you’ve been waiting for years!? The Nikon D90, a dream camera of mine is finally within the reaches of my hands!

My new toy, the Nikon D90 (taken by a Samsung Galaxy S2)

Just a revisit from last year’s post: Target Camera: Nikon D90 | Misty-Stix

The last camera I had was a Fujifulm S200EXR. It did a great job taking pictures for me but then I reached a point where I am already being limited by its capabilities. Its still a great camera, however! And now, I am able to take pictures I’ve been longing to take using the manual-focus plus the broad and plentiful customization elements of the manual option.

Here are some sample shots (click to enlarge):

.. and finally, that sweet smile from Jen!

I am so loving the D90 so far. Never did I feel regret for the cost of buying this camera.


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