Gundam Assembly: Hail Buster Gundam

Once again I got the urge to create another Gundam Mobile Kit. This time, the model was taken from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray.

Model Specs
Grade: HG (High Grade)
Name: LH-GAT-X103 Hail Buster Gundam
Size: 1/100 Scale

(photos taken using I9100-sgs2)

Back to the 1/100 series. This project has been delayed for quite some time, for one – I remember that I started working on this project with some friends at a computer shop but never found the time to complete it. It now finally stands complete with its arsenals – rifle and beam cannon!

I would want to complete all the custom Librarian Works series, as for now I only have the Nix Providence and the Hail Buster – I have 3 more to collect in order to complete the group.

I currently have an MG in stock and will time to work on it.


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