Vocaloid Christmas Cosplay

Vocaloid Christmas

For the first time I was able to cover a set for this season, Christmas! One of the main challenges I face in my photography is handling a group mainly because I get worried that members of the group will be bored if not lose their appetite for the shoot. However, this shoot showed me that its not always the case; it turned out fine and exciting actually to the point that we had to extend till night-time. Night shoot was another challenge as we had troubles searching for a good place to shoot and we finally decided on a venue that is filled with people which could also pose a problem. But again, it turned out fine!

Day shoot:
Justine as Miku (fb.com/enitsuemria)
Jozy as Gakupo (fb.com/jozefynn)
Shan Li as Kaito (fb.com/shari.distefano)
Claudia as Rin (fb.com/claudia.caoili)
Sei as Len (fb.com/sei.ibuki)
Alexandria as Meiko (fb.com/ahlexrull)

Night Shoot:
(all the same except the following)
Jozy as Kaito (fb.com/jozefynn)
Shan Li as Gakupo (fb.com/shari.distefano)

photographed by Christian (fb.com/darkcolonist)

special thanks to assist: Clark (fb.com/clark.panganiban)

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