Virac Catanduanes


Before anything else, I’d like to say special thanks to Sir Karlo for giving us this opportunity to travel to Virac which is his hometown.

At first I teasingly suggested a trip to Virac last year and I was excited when Sir Karl accepted my proposal and began planning. Honestly, we were hoping for a summer trip to a different place away from town and there were a lot of suggestions just going to the low-lands and visit nearby provinces. Nearby provinces although cheaper were a bit overrated and easier to reach due to the distance needed to travel there so we all decided that we should go somewhere different and someplace with a different view. And then finally, Virac it is!

The time has finally arrived when we must go to Virac!

[AFG_gallery id=’15’]

All I could say was WOW, the place was great and will leave you in awe! There are certainly other places domestic like Boracay or Palawan but you are sure to find yourself in a place crowded with people. Virac however wasn’t crowded and it had so much room for exploration. We went island hopping and trekking, we even hired a van to aide us in our travels.

Sir Karl, who was kind enough to lend us his loft in Virac, Monte Karlo. We stayed here for a few days before we departed for Legazpi, a neighboring city which can be visited by traversing the sea from Virac.

If you’ve seen the gallery then I hope you were able to have a sneak peak of all the places we have visited. If you’re asking for advise, all I could say is, make sure you book one for you and for your friends to Virac!


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