Target Camera: Nikon D90

So I’ve been into photography lately and I decided that I want to upgrade from my current setup which is the Fujifilm s200exr to a Nikon D90. I’ve asked a few hobbyists as well on which camera suits me. At first I thought my current camera setup would suffice for a long time but it seems that I’ve come across the limitations of a bridge camera. I need a DSLR!

Nikon D90

And since I’m quite used to a single-yet-versatile lens setup, I’d go for the 18-200mm.

Nikon D90 w/ Nikkor 18-200mm VRII


5 responses to “Target Camera: Nikon D90”

  1. After getting the D90, grab a nifty fifty. You’ll never go wrong with the fifty! XD Goodluck!

    1. Added to list, but first I need that 18-200. Thanks man! :D

    1. Hi Kris! thanks for the visit. Happy Easter to you too! btw, can’t load the image…

      1. ah.. works for me lol
        well stop be my site it’s on there too. only hosted there and not on imageshack

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