my.2011 by darkcolonist

2011 was a year where a lot of things happened in my life. It went so fast but didn’t go a smooth sailing as I intended. There were a lot of trials, challenges, roadblocks and such that would have took me down several times in a row. But I’m still here, breathing, typing this blog as I list down the more (if not the most) significant things that happened in my life this year.

I’ve been to Puerto Princessa, to Singapore and to a few new local places that I’ve never been to. Singapore is the very first international country I visited. Though Singapore is still in Asia, the experience of being away from your own country is something you should experience at some point in your life. Thanks to photography, I was able to capture the moments one would love to look back to. It is heart-warming at the same time nostalgic when I browse back through these pictures. These places I’ve been to was something that would forever be kept in my harddisk (yes pictures) and memories. They shall never fade away and shall always be remembered.

I’ve been exposed to a harsh reality, and my idea of eternity was shattered. My mind and heart had to believe that nothing will last forever. No matter how hard you try, that eternity you wish for will fall down to oblivion and you’ll have to feel the burn up-close and personal. I’ve been shown that love is a choice, love is something that can change just by the snap of a split-second. Of course, love, also, is not eternal – it is but temporary just like everything we like and can fade away anytime. Sad.

Later this year, my mother was operated and underwent a triple-heart-bypass operation in Notre Dam hospital. I never thought of anything else but to have her undergo the treatment as I, along with my dad and sister no-longer wanted to see our mother experience so much pain. The decision was instantaneous or rather — was there a choice to begin with? Of course, we’d choose life! Thankfully, mama is already fine and oh her laugh and smile is really the most precious thing I’d always want to keep in this world.

Singapore, I went there with some friends and checked what was going on and since there are a lot of opportunities we decided to pick that spot. Competition in Singapore is tough as top-tier professionals are already occupying the place. I’m still thinking of going oversees for work or just staying in the country and do multiple-jobs provided I can take it. Free-lance is also an option for me as I can get oversees clients and work for them. Their pay is considerably higher than the norm (as considered here in the local area). My career is not stagnant one bit as I’m still aiming for the same goal I’ve always wanted – that is; to lead a company at an executive level.

Hobbies and Interests
Anime is slowly fading out from my interests but good thing Gundam IS ANIME so I could say that the anime feeling is still strong within me! Apart from that I could name a few of which I still am into (at least): photography, travelling, cars and mini-games. Prolly just to kill some time I engage in these so-called mini-games, one title would be Space Pirates and Zombies which I am currently addicted to right now.

space pirates and zombies
space pirates and zombies

Autos or cars are one of my primary interests and one which I can’t help but spend money on. If you are wondering – I own a Honda Civic Hatchback EG ’92 which was previously owned by my sister. Recently I’ve spent a lot on maintenance and repairs but at least I can see the improvement and the outcome is above satisfactory – I don’t feel my spending at all! Cars are a total worth-it investment if you ask me. They’re always there for you, they protect you from the wrath of nature. Cars are something that will never leave you — it will always be waiting for you outside.

I’d give tons if not a truck-load of credits to MUSIC! 2011 would have been a total nightmare without you sticking around. Whenever I’m down I just put on my headset and subdue that link I have with the real-world. What am I listening to right now? Disco Music and New Wave Music. I’m taking a slight vacation from rock and metal for the time being. Forgive me if you see me sometimes dancing weirdly as those are the times when there’s a party going on in my head!

Expectations for 2012
Well I would not want to put all of the high expectations because I don’t want to be disappointed as much as I was in 2011 but hey! dreaming is free! so, anyways here are some of the things I look forward to this 2012:
– upgrading my car
– more time with friends
– more time travelling and visiting new places
– new computer
– new camera
– higher salary *grins*
– a better view of life
– happiness
– health
– commitments that are worth investing in

Wrapping it up
2011 was shady and wasn’t totally my year. There are a lot of things worth questioning but I think they are better left unanswered if I want to tread further into a more comfortable future. I’d like to think that my past builds up to the concrete foundation of my future and focusing on the present as my top-most priority above all else. I have become better in almost all aspects I could think of and that is a plus factor in which I could thank 2011 for. Finally, I’d like to thank 2011 for the gift of life, family and friends who are always there in times of need.

I hope reading my rants didn’t bore you… well, I could say that my life, as seen by others, is boring, but to myself its exciting and I find satisfaction in what I can get no matter how small it can be. A gift is something to be cherished not forgotten nor taken for granted. Happy 2012 everyone!