Misty just migrated to WordPress

Just yesterday I was discussing with a colleague because he uses wordpress. Out of curiosity I downloaded the wordpress package and started playing with it. I came to the conclusion that its way easier than my current blogging system which was built on scratch.

I came to the conclusion: since I already know how to make a blogging system it wouldn’t hurt if I shifted to wordpress now so voila.

Misty is now on wordpress.

As for the comments on my posts, I’m still looking for a way to migrate them from the old one.

As for the links, please notify me again if you’re still alive and if I get enough links I’ll be putting up a links section.

For those who want to look back to the previous version of misty which is mistyv3, click here: misty version 3

Much thanks guys for visiting!


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  1. Ahee Loveliest Theme :)

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