Ive been to Cebu and Bohol

Ok, so to start things off Id like to say that there are a lot of places here in the Philippines worth visiting. I have decided to visit a few more places here before I step out in the world.

I got an invitation from my mom and her club to take a trip to Cebu and Bohol for 6 days. At first I was reluctant as I was thinking about the expenses. I was convinced that the trip cost was a good deal so I decided to give it a shot. I also invited some of my friends to accompany me.

Manila to Cebu

I admit its my first time riding a jet plane. I envy my friends who took a jet plane as their first over-the-air transport. But oh well, we all get our first time. Ok about Cebu, its almost like the capital. The city is so urbanized and it wasnt like what I heard from the stories. Though I wasnt totally disappointed, the city was clean but barely tourist-friendly. I mean, when I say barely tourist-friendly, people there speak back in their own language. I had a hard time communicating with some of the people but we came out just fine. We took a few pictures from the tourist-spots and they were ok. Anyways, for those people who wish to visit Cebu dont keep your hopes high because its very similar to your average city. Although, if you want a change of view and a feel to visit a new place then Cebu will definitely welcome you!

Cebu to Bohol

We rode a 2-hour trip via sea to Bohol from Cebu. Im kind of shocked on how expensive the goods on the boat were. I braced my cash as it would be stripped off me if I bought some from them. And at last we reached the docks.

Okay, so Bohol is kind of underrated in these parts. But this time Im not in accord with their reviews of it. Bohol is a place to visit hands down. The tourist spots there were so spectacular that taking pictures is a must if you want to take home the memories of the view with you. The people there were kind and welcoming. The tour-bus drivers were very energetic, helpful, benevolent and accommodating. We were really glad we were in their care.

We’ve been to the chocolate hills, although its not as chocolaty as you think. Weve seen the worlds smallest primate which is the tarsier. The tarsier was small, cute, could fit in your pocket and would stare at you for minutes Weve been through several different places too like caves and the famous location of the blood pact.

And that concludes the trip details. I suggest you try and visit places locally as there is too much to see.


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