Importance of Sleep

It is 3pm in the afternoon and I was doing my usual task writing some code. I accidentally came across an interesting code that actually saves your processing power when implemented. Let me show you my findings.

I’m using PHP by the way to code a project that handles several processes at a time. I stumbled on this funny situation where you have to code a sleep function that runs a pause in an execution momentarily and then resumes. Putting this in real life experience, you have to take a break some times even if you got a ton of work at least get a minute or two to get yourself together then start working again.

Ok now heres the scenario, I put a sleep method and this is what happens…

the code

whats happening

Since I put a sleep method, the CPU is quite calm (for me at least)

If you remove the sleep method this is what happens…

the code

whats happening

When i removed the sleep method the CPUs processing became quite hectic and thats because it is doing tasks continuously.

So, resting doesnt only apply in real life but also our machines can benefit from it Keep in mind that sleep is also important.


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