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Disabled Instagram Like Trigger

It would have been a great feature but I am left with no choice but to switch to a different service. Don’t get me wrong, IFTTT is a great service and it has opened a lot of possibilities to the world! However I am quite disappointed when I have tried one of their triggers. I have searched for solutions or possible alternatives on what I want to do. The one I wanted done is simple, I like a photo in instagram.com and it gets automatically saved in my dropbox folder. It’s a nifty feature actually when I found out that there was a trigger for it. However, there was nothing said about a limit and I had to experiment on it just to make sure my assumptions were correct.

It cannot be found anywhere that the Instagram Like trigger in IFTTT.com has a limitation of 20-likes per hour. Basically, it saves your last 20-liked photos in your dropbox account. To me, all I wanted to do was have a zoom-able view of the pictures I liked since Instagram doesn’t allow to do so unless of course you turn on accessibility options of your device but that’s not the case.

So what if I liked more than 20 pictures? well, those get omitted naturally but the app doesn’t tell you, IFTTT doesn’t tell you! You’ll just be wondering soon why a lot of the liked pictures just don’t appear in your dropbox account!

Update: 2016-06-02
Just a day ago, I received an email from IFTTT. They announced that they’re no longer supporting the feature mentioned earlier in this post.

IFTTT email

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