Bit-by-Bit Laid to Waste

Every time I have something new in mind I find it a point wherein I always calm myself down and write it down. Quite nifty huh? only that the medium isn’t paper; in fact its abstract, we call it a set of 0s and 1s, in short, ‘data’.

In my case, I just lost 2 years of it. My Phone, a Nokia 5800, just decided to become a useless piece of brick, as most of us term useless gizmos lying around. It didn’t even give me the chance to recover by at least retrieving some information but no, it was so trollish! *insert some profanities here and start mumbling to self*. OKAY! there’s nothing we can do if the bits were lost like that, all I could do is *sigh*.

I’m never getting myself a Nokia again.

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About Christian Noel

Hi, I'm Cris! I'm interested in anime, programming and photography. My profession is programming and am mostly focused in web development. I've been programming since College. What inspired me to go to programming was because I was so into the gaming industry and I wanted to create my own game.
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