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Kohana 2.3.4 Documentation

I have been a Kohana application developer for quite a long time now and the version 2.3.4 is still the most comfortable framework to work with, personally at least. I know that there are still a few developers right now … More of this rant

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Doctrine ORM 1.2.4 in Fuel PHP 1.1

Today, I decided to make an attempt to dive into a new framework and implement my favorite ORM framework, Doctrine. As you can see, I’ve been spoiled really hard by Doctrine and I’ve perhaps reached a point in my career … More of this rant

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Doctrine in Kohana

I’ve been using kohana and its query builder for a while now – its good but in time I came to notice that I begin rewriting code over and over again so I tried to break out of the kohana-database … More of this rant

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