This will turn off consumers as they assume (correctly) that

It is currently something over 136,000 words, which is just about the length of my American Music book; plus, there are hundreds of musical examples. There are fourteen chapters, as follows:The Story of the Concord Sonata, 1911 1947The Programmatic Argument (and Henry Sturt)The Human Faith Theme and the Whole Tone HypothesisEmerson: The EssayEmerson: The MusicThe Emerson Concerto and its OffshootsHawthorne and The Celestial RailroadHawthorne: [Read more.]The Charm of ImpossibilitiesJune 14, 2014 by Kyle GannI am sitting here trying to write microtonal polytempo music on Sibelius. I have found the most aggravating, patience requiring method of composing in the history of music.

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