This isn’t the first time that Fox Friends has promoted

Conservative Teabagging Gear

cheap nike and jordan shoes First off, the use of “cool” and “conservative” in the same sentence is an oxymoron; but that it was used by Fox Friends, Gretchen Carlson, is appropriate given the moronic nature of the show which today featured a couple of conservative “stay at home moms” who design teabagging ready to wear. This isn’t the first cheap jordans in china time that Fox Friends has promoted teabagging fashion. Twice, Fox Friends provided the Fox Friends “bump” cheap jordans free shipping to tee shirts designed by young cheap jordan sneakers teabagging enthusiast, Ashleigh Kenny (here and here). Fox News is America’s teabagging “news” network; and as such they provide coverage for anything connected to a group of “real Americans” whose political views are in synch with the political orientation of Fox cheap jordans for sale News oh, wait, it’s only “opinion” so it’s all good. And as far as cheap jordans online teabagging couture Fox Friends does “make it work!” cheap nike and jordan shoes

nike air jordan for sale cheap Former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, was all smiley faced (as opposed to the frowny face she had with Christopher Hitchens). She introduced her report by referencing the two “stay at home moms ” who “have launched a website that sells merchandise with a cool, conservative slogon.” The chyron read “Activism On Your Sleeve, Stylish Message Tees For Conservative Women.” She added that the moms were inspired by the big Tea Party March in Washington last year and “felt the voices of Cheap jordans conservative women were ignored.” (I could go on about “traditionalist” conservative patriarchy; but that’s another topic!) She displayed a poll that showed that Tea Party participants were split 55% women/45% men and commented that “at least they can now represent in style.” In her best cutsey voice, Carlson introduced the Minnesota moms (just like Gretchen) who own “Cool, Conservative Gear.” The gals giggled and joked about what one wears to a protest. Non stay at home mom, Carlson, said that when you go to the mall, you can cheap jordans sale find liberal gear. Sheila cheap jordans from china Kihne said that when she was recently at the mall, all the major retailers had stuff with anti war cheap yeezys peace signs, the hope, the change, and Obama’s image. (Oh, the horror!) She whined that “you can’t find anything if you’re a conservative woman.” But right wing fashionistas need not despair. On their opening day, the moms selled 100 tee shirts at a home party with Fox News on in the background, conservative books and magazines lying around, and some wine (And you thought Avon and Princess House parties were strange!). Gretchen’s grin couldn’t have been any wider when Kihne said that cheap jordans shoes “they figure that if they cheap nike shoes can do well cheap adidas in the land of Al Franken, we cheap jordans on sale have a good idea.” (It’s also the land of Michele Bachman) Gretchen got visibly excited when she said that the anti Al Franken is Sarah Palin and it was her understanding that the teabagging moms waited in cheap air force a line to give Palin a shirt. Gretchen looked positively radiant while the gals talked about waiting in a line in the freezing cold. And surprise, surprise, they gave a shirt to Michelle Bachmann. (Did it have crosshairs with Obama’s photo on it?) Carlson asked them if the greater meaning of the Tea Party movement is a greater resurgence of women, politically, in our country. (Hey, Gretch, the women’s movement was a librul thing, don’t ya know!?) Kihne said that women have the “purchasing power” in the households and they see government making “no such hard choices.” (Where were the moms during the high rolling years of the Bush administration?) nike air jordan for sale cheap

where can i buy cheap jordans online Comment: We never did get to see the cool, conservative slogans. We also weren’t informed that Sheila Kihne isn’t just a “stay at home mom” but the Vice Chair of cheap air jordan the GOP Third Congressional District. She also runs a blog, “The Activist Next Door” where she criticizes the Democratic congressional candidate and, of course, Barack Obama. She also writes articles for right wing blogs such as this one. But no matter. She and her pal, Betsy Gall are providing a service for conservatives who will now be properly attired when they go a teabagging. cheap Air max shoes Their efforts are being supported by a cheap jordans in china show that is promoting the American tradition of free enterprise except for Fox Friends, only teabagging “activists” need apply! Code Pink fagetaboutit where can i buy cheap jordans online.

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