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  • Team Patchworxs

    Photoshoot opportunity from a car enthusiast group in Baguio, “Team Patchworxs”. I myself am a proud member of this group. Yellow Honda Hatchback – Yabs Red Nissan – CrisT White Honda – Donniecar Silver Honda Hatchback – Christian Noel Blue Mirage – Bryan Blue Lancer – Rudy [AFG_gallery id=’10’]

  • Hatchy

    See that silver honda hatchback at the far right? Yep, that’s my Hatchy. Just lately I have come to realize how important a car is to me and how it impacts my life. Just so you all know, I have been a car owner for quite a few years now and I’ve come to understand…

  • Dream Car

    If only I was given a chance to drive this car!