Shawn Woodford and his wife were about to board a flight home

oldest world war ii veteran turns 111

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Canada Goose Outlet It not clear how he was able to breach security and get onto the runway.”We do not believe this is related to a terrorist incident at all, but we are not ruling that out because it is early,” Perez said.Many travelers are jamming flights to get out of the path of the hurricane, which devastated a string of Caribbean islands and is on its way to Florida this weekend. A half million people were ordered to leave South Florida on Thursday. The powerful storm was downgraded to a Category 4 hurricane early Friday.Shawn Woodford and his wife were about to board a flight home for Canada when firetrucks and police cars came “flying across the tarmac” and “surrounded a plane at the gate next to us,” he told The Associated Press.The plane at the gate was a Latam Airlines flight to Santiago, Chile canada goose, according to Miami departures board. Canada Goose Outlet

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