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April is a busy month for me, I am averaging two black tie galas a week. With so many events back to back and seeing pretty much the same people, it’s a nightmare rotating my evening gowns. The bags, of course kerftabak , are a cinch for me. I have an extensive collection of gorgeous clutches, both new and vintage prada replica bags , I am a total sucker for an elegant clutch! This pretty baby caught my eye today as I have a big event tomorrow evening. It’s a simple ruched satin clutch from Ferragamo with just a bit of bling-y detail with the Swarovski encrusted clasp. I love that the corners are leather, have you noticed your satin bags get very scruffed up in the corners? This is a roomy clutch at 10.5 inches wide so it will fit my wallet, make up bag and cell (3 things I never leave home without). I’ve always thought clutches were a good investment as they are timeless and seasonless but they are also really trendy right now so you’ll be classic and totally hip with one.$790 at Neiman Marcus . Free shipping: TRENDNM til April 15

Beautiful – I love it!

Dear Ms.Bag Snob,

I am just wondering what is the cute Hermes Kelly Bag that has a smiley face called? I remember that it was designed by one of the member of the Hermes family. Do you have its picture? It’s really cute!!!!


Bag Snob in Training* ?

Hope you can find room in that bag for some lip gloss too. You will need it after eating and drinking at black ties! This clutch is a little show stealer!

amazing, it’s so elegant!


Ferragamo Satin Clutch

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