IFTTT Instagram Like Trigger Limit


Disabled Instagram Like Trigger

It would have been a great feature but I am left with no choice but to switch to a different service. Don’t get me wrong, IFTTT is a great service and it has opened a lot of possibilities to the world! However I am quite disappointed when I have tried one of their triggers. I have searched for solutions or possible alternatives on what I want to do. The one I wanted done is simple, I like a photo in instagram.com and it gets automatically saved in my dropbox folder. It’s a nifty feature actually when I found out that there was a trigger for it. However, there was nothing said about a limit and I had to experiment on it just to make sure my assumptions were correct.

It cannot be found anywhere that the Instagram Like trigger in IFTTT.com has a limitation of 20-likes per hour. Basically, it saves your last 20-liked photos in your dropbox account. To me, all I wanted to do was have a zoom-able view of the pictures I liked since Instagram doesn’t allow to do so unless of course you turn on accessibility options of your device but that’s not the case.

So what if I liked more than 20 pictures? well, those get omitted naturally but the app doesn’t tell you, IFTTT doesn’t tell you! You’ll just be wondering soon why a lot of the liked pictures just don’t appear in your dropbox account!

Update: 2016-06-02
Just a day ago, I received an email from IFTTT. They announced that they’re no longer supporting the feature mentioned earlier in this post.

IFTTT email

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Kohana 2.3.4 Documentation

Kohana 2.3.4 Banner

I have been a Kohana application developer for quite a long time now and the version 2.3.4 is still the most comfortable framework to work with, personally at least. I know that there are still a few developers right now looking for the old documentation page which can be of course found in other sources.

Kohana 2.3.4 Documentation Screenshot

Kohana 2.3.4 Documentation Screenshot

I have took it upon myself to host it instead. Visit this link: http://kohana234.misty-stix.com

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MySQL Migration / Merge Script (Linux)

There are many ways of migrating MySQL data from server to server and its just essential to use mysqldump or any other tools to do the task for you.

The simplest way to do this is via mysqldump (from source) then mysql (into target).

However, in my case I have an already existing database with data and I need to append later data into this database from a more recent mysql data source.

This script will help you accomplish that.

It has simplified the process:
– mysqldump data from source
– import data into target
– will fetch all tables from source and attempt to insert them into the target.
– will only process one table at a time

This works best for database architectures that implement replication. However, ensure that the target slave must be stopped first before running this script to prevent problems due to data inconsistencies.

A limitation of this process is that it is one-way and not bi-directional.

Copy the source-code and paste it into a file. ie. migrate.sh

Tested using the following:
– Centos Linux 7
– MySQL 5.0 Server
– MySQL 5.5 Client

– Does not work with MySQL 5.0 Client

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