It is politically irresponsible

Sensible government seems to have become a contradiction in terms. Democratic leaders have no ideas of their own, while Republican leaders are dedicated to protecting the rich not to fiscal responsibility. Republican “non starter” talk about additional revenue is an ideological fixation, not an economic theory. It is politically irresponsible, and wreaking havoc in Minnesota.

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Replica Stella McCartney bags The new alternative is a political party called Podemos (“we can”), which was born in January 2014 and within four months surprised everyone by winning 8 percent of the vote in the European parliamentary elections. The organizations that had presided over Spain’s heretofore two party system the PSOE (center left Socialist Workers’ Party) and the PP (right wing Popular Party) took less than half of the vote, as compared to 81 percent in the prior (2009) election. By November of last year, Podemos was leading all other parties in the polls. pulling ahead of Republicans and Democrats less than a year after its founding Replica Stella McCartney bags.

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