It also made me think that if in The Road universe wildlife had

My poor mother was inconsolable. But the service, delivered at a non denominational chapel was brief. As his coffin was borne away, the song Eulogy by Tool played over the speakers, as per his final wishes. You can also find some resources related to common topics on our wiki. That precisely what I believe.I like fiction that makes me think and the first time I read the book (which I like a lot, though I think it has some flaws I cannot overlook) it got me thinking precisely about if we had a right to survive and if we could impose that right upon other people.If such a right existed it would ultimately amount to “might makes right”.It also made me think that if in The Road universe wildlife had survived and instead of people the rovers hunted deer there would have been no moral conflicts at all (at least for the great majority of people). A desire to live/survive does not justify ending another human’s life who is not threatening your life.

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