If it was true that Fadnavis held up the flight to Newark

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replica handbags china But though there was little dialogue with the 90 plus attendees, about business or politics, Fadnavis still made a strong pitch for his Indian replica bags china state as an investment destination.He later signed an MoU with Atul Chordia of Panchshil SPV to set up infrastructure in Maharashtra.The event held at best replica designer bags the hotel’s 2,385 square replica wallets feet Wedgwood Room began with Dr Mukesh Aghi, the president of the US India Business Council, speaking about the changing business milieu in India, particularly focusing on the shift of power from the federal to the state level, and how Mumbai, Maharashtra’s capital, still generated 60 percent of India’s revenue.Ambassador Dynaneshwar Mulay, India’s consul general in New York, spoke of how Fadnavis had gone from the tarmac after his plane landed to meet Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, to discuss business options.If it was true that Fadnavis held up the flight to Newark, New Jersey, to ensure that Praveen Singh Pardeshi, the state principal secretary, was on board, he had at least one excuse: Pardeshi makes a killer presentation to the business community, arguing for the luxury replica bags joys of investing in Maharashtra.Maharashtra, Pardeshi said, is a business driven state and, just replica designer bags wholesale to reassure people still in doubt, added that decisions are taken in consultation with the private sector.The state’s GDP, Pardeshi pointed out, has risen 85 percent since 1980, and listed the many new projects likely to spur it further, including the Navi Mumbai airport on the mainland east of Mumbai; NAINA, the city being built around it; the Pune and Nagpur metros; the Mumbai Trans Harbor Line; and an airport and special economic zone in Nagpur, Fadnavis’s home constituency.Among other things listed on Pardeshi’s presentation was also the mention of looser environmental standards, including the discontinuation of good quality replica bags the river regulation zone laws, which deems there should be no industry up to two kilometres from the high flood lines of a river.Ashok Vasudevan of Preferred Brands International, the manufacturer of Tasty Bite food products, spoke of replica designer backpacks how the industry viewed working in Maharashtra, since he has set up infrastructure there.Vasudevan described Maharashtra as being comparable to California, being the most well diversified state in India. He argued for food processing outsourcing to India, saying it had gone from a “basket case to a bread basket.”It was not the cheap labour alone that made Maharashtra so high quality replica bags attractive to food producers, Vasudevan stressed, but the fact that it produced so much. Five percent of the 160 million tonnes replica bags buy online of fruit produced in India, he added, came from Maharashtra.India, he pointed out, wastes 20 million tonnes of fruit, the same as Europe’s consumption of it.”India wastes as much as Europe consumes,” he stressed, adding that with proper management 7a replica bags wholesale such waste could be turned into profit.While very appreciative of Maharashtra, Vasudevan replica bags online asked that something be done about the power situation for industries there.Maharashtra Industry Minister Subhash Desai came up to speak about the new single window option for businesses in India.”Not like the software Windows you open one window and 10 windows open,” he said, drawing a laugh from the audience.Desai doubled up on Pardeshi’s take, saying, “We have an industry friendly government in Maharashtra replica handbags china.

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