However you can bet the more cut throat among Ashley’s circle

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replica Purse YouTube channel ‘discovers lost city of Atlantis’ buried in middle of the Sahara desertThe legend says the island sank into the sea in a single day and night and has since replica bags remained lost within the EarthGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe lost city of Atlantis has long been a mystery but now conspiracy theorists are claiming they have found the mythical island.And it’s apparently been in right in front of us this entire time.The story of Atlantis comes from the Greek philosopher, Plato, whose books date back to approximately 360 BC.According to the story, which has now become somewhat legend, the island of Atlantis sank into the sea in a single day and night, lost forever, after its people fell out favour with the gods.Conspiracy theorists have long been searching for the location of mythical city, with guesses ranging from Santorini, Sicily high quality designer replica and Malta to Crete and Cyprus.But now, YouTube channel Bright Insight claims to have discovered a location in the Sahara Desert in Africa that has similarities to the details written about Atlantis all replica bags buy online those thousands of years ago.Myanmar ‘ghost ship’: Navy reveals mystery behind huge 580ft container vessel found drifting at seaThe Richat Structure, which is also know as the Eye of the Sahara, located in Ouadane in west central Mauritania.The bizarre, circular feature was thought to have been created by an asteroid, although no credible evidence actually exists to prove this is true.Scientists have since concluded that the structure must be a natural phenomenon.But this is not necessarily as cut and dried as it seems high replica bags if Bright Insight’s theories best replica designer bags are to be believed.UFOs above replica bags Glasgow which have baffled people best replica bags around the worldPlato stated in his aaa replica bags texts that Atlantis was destroued in 11600 BC, which fits with the timing of The Younger Dryas theory that suggests a comet is said to have the hit the Earth and caused the Ice Age. Could that have been how Atlantis was destroyed?But the coincidences don’t end there.According to the channel, the Richat Structure has a outer circle diameter of 23.5km, according to Google maps.In Plato’s writing, the city of Atlantis was said to measure 127 Stadia, which would equal 23.49km in today’s terms.Plato also described Atlantis in his texts, writing: “There were alternate zones of sea and land encircling each other, there were two of land buy replica bags online and three of water.”This description is very similar to what the Richat Structure looks like, when viewed from satellite, today.Add to that Plato’s description of a mountain range to the north of the city and an oblong shaped plain to the south which appear to match the topography surrounding the structure in the Sahara and it seems that the two share a certain likeness.Of course, Plato wasn’t actually alive at the time Atlantis was destroyed. Instead, the story was passed to him by Solon, a statesmen from Ancient Greece.Viewers on YouTube were divided, with Karolina B replica Purse.

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