How he forced Anna into having sex with himCast your minds

At first, the gaps seemed part of the deal. We didn’t know much, but we loved her anyway. But over time, Mojo morphed into a much loved family member probably everyone’s favourite and the more time you lose gazing at a soft, shaggy, four legged mystery, the more you want to know..

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Replica Designer Handbags Here are the seven big bombshells we’re waiting to drop if Phelan’s going to get the full comeuppance he deserves.1. How he forced Anna into having sex with himCast your minds back to 2014 if you can, and the first glimpses of what Phelan was really capable of when he blackmailed Anna into sleeping with him in exchange for him giving up his terror campaign against Owen and Gary. Pushed to the brink of desperation, Anna gave into his demands, but the indecent arrangement destroyed Anna’s relationship with Owen, who was never able to feel the same way about her again.And despite repeated attempts by Anna to try and let Eileen know what kind of a man she married, her warnings have fallen on deaf ears, with Eileen accusing her neighbour of harbouring romantic feelings for Phelan. Replica Designer Handbags

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