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cheap moncler sale Greg James takes over from Nick moncler outlet canada Grimshaw as veteran DJ quits BBC Radio 1 Breakfast ShowGreg said he’s got ‘big drunk boots to fill’ as Grimmy presented his last ever Breakfast showAfter his final show this morning, he hopes to throw away the alarm clock, find love, make more TV programmes and have no more dinner parties at ‘Nana O’clock’, as he describes it.”My alarm goes off at ten to moncler coats sale five each morning and, since the announcement I was leaving, I am like ‘fking hell this is well early’,” he said with a grin.”It’s been harder to wake up than ever. But it has been really fun, I’ve loved it and it’s been good for my brain and myself, just not great for my personal life.”It does send you a bit mad and sort of becomes your life, because everything you are watching and consuming each day you are trying to produce content for the next morning, because you can’t do it before 5am.”Nick Grimshaw’s love life as he leaves BBC Radio 1 breakfast show to ‘find Mr Right’As Grimmy signed off to his millions of listeners this morning by telling them moncler coats outlet he was “going to bed for three weeks”, a nervous Greg revealed he has apprehensions about taking over.”M O R N I N G!,” Grimshaw told his Twitter followers.”Jesus Christ AMAZING that post Brits bit I’d forgotten about how steaming you actually were,” Greg moncler coats for women tweeted back.”Big drunk boots to fill.”Nick Grimshaw’s claims Radio 1 Breakfast Show has ‘damaged him’ and he’s leaving ‘to find Mr Right’When the news was first announced on May 31, Greg said: “It really doesn’t get any bigger than this moncler outlet and I really want to build moncler coats on the great work Grimmy has done.”He appeared in the studio with Grimmy to break the news, with Nick telling listeners: “The prophet J Hus said it best when he said: ‘I ain’t had a good night’s sleep since God knows when’,” Grimmy said.”I’ve had jetlag for six years. It has been a ride, but now I feel slightly sick, so we need to get off the ride.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletterEnter emailSubscribeallMost ReadMost RecentLove IslandLove moncler outlet uk Island’s Sam Bird admits REAL reason behind his split from Georgia SteelThe reality couple announced their split last night, and fans suspected something was going on between Georgia and her tour managerChanning TatumChanning Tatum’s ex wife Jenna Dewan reacts to shock news he’s dating Jessie J in the best wayJenna insists she knows all about the new couple, and guess what? She’s dating again tooDebbie McGeeDebbie McGee reveals she may marry again after battling grief and heartbreak on Strictly Come DancingThe widow and former magician’s assistant of Paul Daniels said she was ‘enjoying life’ on the showSamantha WomackEastEnders Ronnie Mitchell star Samantha Womack reveals shock transformationThe actress has undergone an image overhaul since departing Albert Square almost two years ago cheap moncler sale.

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