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I began flattening it out and remembered I needed to talk to it, reminding myself to think of the dough as a baby. Such a good piece of dough, I said. Everyone in the kitchen nodded in approval. The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Buccaneers’ Ryan Fitzpatrick have defied their average draft positions to dominate the quarterback field through two games, strafing with aplomb defenses that theoretically should have put up stiffer resistance. While the former is now widely considered a strong candidate to finish the season as the overall QB1, though, the latter may still have some work to do in keeping Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston glued to the bench when he returns after Week 3. For now, though, the duo has done more than enough to merit the top two spots in the Week 3 QB rankings, especially as they both have home games in Mahomes’s case, his first of the season against defenses that have been accommodating to QBs.

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