According to some reports, upwards of 70 officers decked out

cheap nike shoes The Panthers entered the season as the top ranked team Cheap Jordans , won the Public A title and won their other 12 meets with their lowest point total 92 points. That came as part of a schedule where they faced No. 4 Cherry Hill East, No. The couple are understood to have been passengers in a taxi caught in a raging torrent in the town of Sant LLorenc des Cardassar.The driver is also missing.It’s not yet clear if the couple are tourists of ex pats living in the area.A spokesperson for a local emergency services coordinator said: “Five people including two British nationals have died.”The British victims were travelling in a taxi that was swept away by flash floods.”Their bodies were found inside the vehicle.”She said she had no information on their ages or where they were travelling to and from.She added: “This information forms part of an ongoing investigation. Our work now is focussed on searching for those people who remain missing.”Antonia Bauza, the deputy mayor of Sant Llorenc, confirmed two of the victims were British nationals.She told local radio that two other victims were local, including an elderly woman whose body was found in the basement of her house.Five dead in Majorca flash floods as torrent invades homes and sweeps cars out to seaSant LLorenc des Cardassar the location of the villa where hit TV show Love Island is based is worst affected.Residents were force to take refuge on rooftops when a torrent of water raged through the town, flooding their homes and sweeping cars out to sea.The first two victims were aged 71 and 83. One was trapped by a torrent of water that flooded the basement of his home and another was found by a road linking the town of Arta to the coastal resort of Canyamel.An emergency services coordinator tweeted just after midnight: “It has been confirmed that a third person has died” before adding around 6am: “Rescuer teams have informed us of a fourth fatality in the floods on the east of Majorca.. cheap nike shoes

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