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Best Anime of 2010

The year 2010 had a lot of titles in store for us, I myself had my hands full watching these series and I have yet to finish some 2010 titles. There are plenty of good titles this year as well … More of this rant

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One Cozy yet Chilly Afternoon

On a chilling Tuesday afternoon in the office, I can feel the cold inching its way in. I feel a bit sleepy so I decide to make some hot coffee, black with a balanced dose of sweetness. I forgot to … More of this rant

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That Early Morning and a Tasteless Cup of Coffee

I just woke up one morning and I realized something missing. I slowly sip on my coffee but it seems like my taste-buds cease to work. There’s this feeling I’m trying to coin, I never felt it before. I kept … More of this rant

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