Variety though, is a two sided coin

Chief reservation officer Randhir Singh said, waiting list is heavily populated for long distance trains, but bookings are still on. Passengers are coming with request letters if they can be adjusted in some train. To ease the festive rush, special trains have already started, including Chandigarh Gorakhpur and Chandigarh Nangal Dam that will continue till the end of October..

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cheap canada goose sale Housing benefit22:13, 7 OCT 2017The PM promised to spend 2billion to build 25,000 council homes, but with more than a million on the waiting list, it doesn’t even amount to sticking a plaster on a gaping woundHousingUK spends less on social housing than it did nearly 30 years ago despite one million families still needing homesOver the last twenty years the nation’s commitment to building homes has fallen from 7.5bn in 2005 to 5.3bn in 2015Universal CreditUniversal Credit ‘a disaster waiting to happen’ charity warns new 7 in 1 benefit is forcing people into debtCitizens Advice has warned claimants of Universal Credit are being pushed into debt as ‘teething problems’ with the service cause missed payments ahead of its UK wide roll out next monthChannel 5Critically ill two year old left homeless after repossessing agents forced to evict familyIs this the worst job ever? Agents Vince and Stuart face their most difficult situation ever on Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it AwayUniversal Credit’Universal Credit is failing people’ Thousands of families forced into debt because of six week waiting listsA Citizens Advice report has warned that households are being forced into debt as a result of prolonged waiting times and is now calling on the government to suspend the roll out while issues are resolvedHousingHousing policies from Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative general election manifestos in 2017 comparedHow do Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories plan to do what successive governments have failed to do make sure everyone has a place to sleepBenefitsWhat do the general election manifestos say about benefits? Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative policies in 2017 comparedWould the Tories continue chipping away at the social safety net? And would Labour, the Lib Dems or the Green Party reverse their cuts?Green PartyGreen Party manifesto: What the key policies mean for your money ahead of the UK general election 2017The party’s flagship pledges, called their “green guarantee” include abolishing tuition fees, bedroom tax, and ensuring a public health system that’s free for all what a Green victory would mean for youGeneral electionWhy should I not vote Conservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn’t forget in the 2017 general electionTheresa May is touring the country promising to make your life better on June 8. But what about the nasty or unfair cuts she’d rather you forgot about?Green PartyGreen Party manifesto costings: What the policies mean for your money ahead of the UK general election 2017The party’s flagship pledges, called their “green guarantee” include abolishing tuition fees, bedroom tax, and ensuring a public health system that’s free for all what a Green victory would mean for youUniversal CreditWhat is Universal Credit? 5 things you need to know about the all in one benefitUniversal Credit is coming to a Jobcentre near you and it could change your life dramatically. Do you claim Jobseeker’s Allowance or other benefits? Here’s what you need to knowHousingBenefits couple with 38 YEAR age gap living with four kids in three bed accuse housing association of ‘neglect’ for refusing free extensionNicola Philpot, 33, and her 71 year old husband Joe, from Chigwell in London, say they have got too big for the property which is paid for by housing benefitsRentingThe banks banning people on housing benefit from renting a homeAn astonishing 90% of private rental properties with mortgages are BANNED from letting people on housing benefits use themGeneral electionLabour pledges new crackdown on rogue landlords who are raking in 800million a MONTHLandlords whose tenants live in dangerous or dirty homes are raking in 800milion a month, according to new research from LabourBenefitsFamily spends 90k on living in Premier Inns for THREE YEARS after council blunders left them homeless cheap canada goose sale.

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