And if they did, i wouldn’t be as understanding as Wendy has

No Love Lost

cheap kicks There’s been some controversy over a show I reviewed this week, Megan Gogerty’s Love Jerry. Controversy is also built into the show’s DNA. Love Jerry is cheap jordans from china about a pedophile. It’s a musical about a pedophile. It asks whether we can forgive and love a pedophile despite what he’s done. cheap kicks

So I answered no, and a crapstorm erupted the likes of which I haven’t seen since I trashed Respect: A Musical Journey of Women. Seriously. cheap jordans in china One might think Nice People Theatre Company (NPTC), producers of this piece (it first appeared at the New York Musical Theatre Festival), would have been prepared for some dissenting opinion. I mean, The Little Mermaid, this ain’t. The show’s admirers (and there appear to be many) accuse me of dismissing the production on principle. I’d argue they’re doing the same with my review, and here’s why.

authentic retro jordans for sale cheap I believe this script is fundamentally flawed, that the questions it raises are the wrong questions (and yes, I believe that on this topic there is a clear right and wrong approach) and the answers it suggests are the wrong answers. After all, love, therapy and forgiveness is the same cocktail the Catholic church claims it served up while managing its pedophile priests, and look how successful that’s been for the church and its young victims. authentic retro jordans for sale cheap

Of course Gogerty didn’t set out to be an apologist for child abusers, but I do think she mishandles the topic. The film The Woodsman is marginally more successful because by the time it begins, Kevin Bacon’s pedophile Walter has already been judged and condemned, has been held personally responsible for his actions (despite whatever his backstory may be), and now must rebuild his life from its ashes. Gogerty presents Jerry as a sympathetic victim, a character who made a forgivable mistake, and that’s a huge problem. Were the production elements solid? Sure. Was the script well crafted? For the most part. Is it useful that NPTC has talkbacks cheap adidas after the show and partnered with CAPE? Amen. Can theater ask tough questions and further the cultural conversation? Hell, yeah. But can I endorse a concept and a musical that I find irresponsible and even dangerous? No way.

The part of this crapstorm that really fouls my airspace is that NPTC and Gogerty claim they wanted this show to be a catalyst for discussion, for “honest open dialogue” on the issue. This is the kind of response and dialogue that should be in the foreground. The First Amendment, Safety and Risk and Downright Dangerous art, Theater critics and non profit companies all of these discussions and debates are also extremely important if not imperative. But the impetus for sharing “Love Jerry” with Philadelphia is to spark the kind of discussion Gene has had the courage to introduce.

jordan shoes cheap but real There were many shocking things I learned in the course of working on this play thanks to our partnership with CAPE (Child Abuse Prevention Effort): that 90% of child sexual abuse is someone the child knows: her/his mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, cousin, teacher, neighbor. It is cheap jordans sale easier to respond to a detached monster a stranger in a trench coat; a predator online; a crazy serial kidnapper than it is to respond to your spouse, your child, your brother, your father a person you “know well” and love who is doing these atrocious things. I had no cheap jordan sneakers idea that 1 in 3 girls and 1 6 boys are sexually abused in Pennsylvania (and again, 90% of this stark statistic is being carried out by a family member or family friend.) I had no idea that the abusers didn’t usually know that what they are doing is wrong that a serious relationship and “love” is their motivation, not abuse and torture, cheap jordans online and that the children often refer to that time of abuse as a “loving relationship” sadly long before they are developmentally able to comprehend what that means. I never thought about the fact that abuse is overwhelmingly inter generational that a child target of sexual abuse grows up and has children who the now grandfather may continue abuse. And I never knew that there is no such thing as a profile for pedophiles they are men, women, white, black, brown, socio economically rich, poor, middle class, educated, uneducated, Christian, atheist, outgoing, shy, former abuse victims, not abuse victims, professors, drug dealers, pharmacists, waiters, stay at home moms, Admins,politicians, actors, salesmen. jordan shoes cheap but real

buy cheap jordans online real This is the most horrifying thing I learned sexual abusers are a) Everywhere and b) Everyone. Including people we love and trust. The scenario is: what if one day you found out your spouse/daughter/father was a pedophile? It is a legitimate question to ask because this is 90% of child cheap jordans china abuse cases. buy cheap jordans online real

cheap jordans $30 free shipping I never before thought about the possibility that you don’t have to forgive someone and can still love them. As it poignantly says in the play: “I’m cheap Air max shoes not asking you to forgive him. I would NEVER ask you to do that.” What he then asks is the crux of the play: can you love me if I am capable of loving someone who has done unspeakable acts and harms to me and my family? The heart of this is that when we love someone, and find out that someone we love has done horrific, evil, unspeakable things where does that leave us? What are we cheap air jordan left with? Hate. Love. Confusion. Humanity. cheap jordans $30 free shipping

cheap jordans that are real According to the research that’s what the victims of abuse feel, as well. Is it possible to still love what we cannot forgive? cheap jordans that are real

cheap kid jordans for sale What I didn’t know before this play is that yes, it is possible. It is possible (and normal) to feel polarizing, different feelings at the same time. It is possible that Love and Forgiveness can possibly be mutually exclusive when I thought before they had to exist hand in hand, and that is liberating. There are a few people in my life that I know I can never forgive, but I still love them so deeply. This play taught me that that orientation is a possibility not something I should try and “resolve and “make a choice.” cheap kid jordans for sale

cheap jordans retro 13 So, if 90% of child sexual abuse is done by family members, then this is not a favorable stereotype of what we “know” about pedophiles. And if 1 in 3 girls and 1 6 boys are sexually abused by someone they know, love, and trust most oftentimes a family member then there is a family dynamic of the rest of the family involved whose voices have not yet been heard many, many people are attached to each of this statistic. This play does the community a service cheap air force by giving a voice to those people who as the statistics show are the majority of us. We cheap jordans on sale are either the statistic of sexual abuse victims or know someone who is abused or an abuser (even if we don’t “know it” yet or know someone who is this. (If we are friends/family with more than 10 people, that is. And I suspect we all are.) cheap jordans retro 13

cheap jordans real shoes Theater people have always complained about bad reviews and they have always pointed out errors and misinterpretations and moments when the critic, to use the most repeated Cheap jordans phrase in the history of review reading, JUST DIDN’T GET IT. They have every right to do so and should continue to, but let’s not mistake that discussion for the real news here. cheap jordans real shoes

cheap jordans 4 sale What is new here is that a theater, because of a threatening phone call, asked for a review to be erased. Speech was not answered with more speech. It was answered by an attempt to limit speech. That is entirely different and in my over 12 years of reviewing theater, no one has ever tried this with me. And if they did, i wouldn’t be as understanding as Wendy has been. cheap jordans 4 sale

cheap air jordans men When religious groups protested Jerry Springer the cheap yeezys musical, they didn’t demand that the show not get reviewed. And when the Catholic League complained about a review i wrote of Corpus Christi, they wrote letters to the editor and complained to the Public Editor. Which is their right. They didn’t demand that the article get pulled from the website. Believe it or not, you are defending something that is much more extreme and you need to address that issue. The real one. cheap air jordans men

Tell us please: Does a threatening phone call justify censoring a review? You do not need to see this show to have an opinion about this. It’s a question of free speech. I know where i draw the line. Where do you?

Again, I must disagree with you. I feel you have the ability to prove your point about choice without blatantly disrespecting the production. Just because I know what Rosebud means doesn’t mean I want to ruin Citizen Kane for everyone else in the world that hasn’t seen it.

I also disagree that you didn’t feel challenged by this show, or else you wouldn’t feel the need to defend your position so strongly. Now, I’m assuming here, but it seems like the problem begins in answering your three questions. What is the play’s goal? To ask a question. Whether or not it is a question you want to consider answering is up to you. Even if you feel it is utterly worthless, you are entitled to your opinion. You are welcome to live in a society that vilifies people who want to sexually abuse children. Cheap jordans I would rather not live in a society that includes people who want to sexually abuse children. By walking away from the question, the possibility that we might learn ways to stop things like this from ever happening are never explored, and that is far more terrifying to me than anything presented in the play.

I do apologize for not knowing the full story of NPTC’s request. I will keep my comments reserved for the play and your review from now on.

cheap nike air jordans And I do mention in the review and elsewhere several examples of shows that I believe deal with the same issue in a more effective way. As for giving away the plot point, as I mentioned before it just seemed really obvious to me, not a surprise at all, but also, I couldn’t really highlight Jerry’s choice or emphasize that this is indeed a choice, as Gogerty’s own play illustrates cheap nike shoes without it. cheap nike air jordans

cheap jordan 10 It’s great that you felt challenged and inspired by the show. I didn’t, and that’s the way it goes. My capsule review, written the same day as the full review says this: “Love Jerry: (Nice People Theatre Company) If you want to know why pedophiles do what they do, and hear one sing about it, this is your show. If not, I’m with you.” I still stand by those words. cheap jordan 10

I will begin by saying that I am NOT affiliated with NPT, and I did see the play, which sadly is more than I can say for many people throwing their opinions out here in internetland.

So, Wendy, let me understand. Someone from NPT called asked you, not your editors, to take down the review because they were scared of someone they believe misinterpreted their play because of your review, and you said no. That is perfectly understandable, and well within your rights as a journalist.

I get it. You didn’t like the play because you’re a parent. I also get that you feel insulted because they asked you to take down your piece. Your opinion, which you have repeated several times is that “it engages in a moral relativism that allows the audience to see molesting an 8 year old nephew as a forgivable offense right alongside as the cheap jordans free shipping commenters argue marital infidelity, alcoholism and cheating on a test.”

cheap jordans buy online But those commenters are wrong, and so are you. cheap jordans buy online

I could watch this show again to be sure, but neither I nor my companions felt there was any indication of this play showing molestation as a forgivable offense. Discussion and exploration of horrible things should happen because rational human beings want to find out why such things occur and try to make sure they never happen again. To dismiss it as completely as you have is, in my opinion, seriously irresponsible as a journalist. To deny that your review has not dismissed the play is horribly puerile. I don’t expect at this point that you would possibly reconsider your opinion, but then again, what would be the point? How many people on cheap jordans shoes any of the other websites talking about this drama surrounding your review have never seen the play, nor will because they feel that you obviously know better than they how the mind of the playwright works, and why this play was written?

where to buy real jordans online for cheap Presenting your opinion as a journalist and a critic is one thing. The problem occurs when you confuse presentation with justification. This is a play about a person, and the real question of the play is whether or not you can deal with the person, not a characture. Does it make a difference what happened to him as a child? Does it matter that he seems to genuinely repent his actions and wants to make amends? Did you really have to give away one of the pivotal plot points in the second bloody paragraph of your review? where to buy real jordans online for cheap

cheap air jordans 3 The point of good theater is to engage the audience in thought and words, and this was good theater. Sadly, you just didn’t get it cheap air jordans 3.

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